If you’re like most Americans, you’ve likely heard the comparisons between the COVID-19 Recession and the Great Depression.

Looking at the numbers, there are a lot of similarities: the unemployment rate was 25% during the Great Depression. Even though it initially reported an unemployment rate of 14.7%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics later hinted that the real rate is closer to 20%. If it stays that high, we could technically be in a depression.1

And just like in the 1930s, the U.S. Government has resorted to massive spending (borrowing) to keep America’s economy from collapsing.

It’s understandable then that many investors who’ve diversified their portfolios with gold bullion are concerned the government could resort to Great Depression-era tactics to bail itself out. The President rewrote the laws and confiscated Americans’ gold bullion in 1933.

Could Gold Bullion be Confiscated by the U.S. Government Again?

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