“First they acted like the U.S. dollar had no value. They spent money like they just printed it for the occasion, which needless to say, they had. And, predictably, we wound up with frightening levels of inflation—which, for the record, they still deny exists.”
— Tucker Carlson, Fox News, May 12, 2021[1]

Corn is up 50% since January.[1]

Lumber’s skyrocketed 280% since the start of the pandemic.[2]

Copper prices have more than doubled.

The consumer price index? It jumped .8% last month. 2009 was the last time it moved so much, so fast.[3] The Producer Price Index spiked 6.2% from a year ago, the biggest increase since 2010.[4]

With numbers like these and 87% of Americans saying they’re concerned about inflation to the moon, there’s NO DENYING INFLATION IS HERE.[2]

Only for how long and how severe…

The Fed’s Inflation Fiction

Transitory.” That’s what Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says about inflation. (While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen vacillates between claiming interest rates will have to rise to prevent the economy from overheating and inflation won’t be a problem.)[2]

“We do not seek inflation that substantially exceeds 2 percent, nor do we seek inflation above 2 percent for a prolonged period,” responded Powell to a Florida Republican’s concerns about rising inflation and the central bank’s bond-buying program last March.[5]

Here’s the problem with listening to the Fed:

These are the same guys that told us not to worry about the subprime mortgage market. Remember early on Ben Bernanke said, ‘Oh don’t worry about subprime. It’s contained’? Well, now they’re saying, ‘Don’t worry about inflation. It’s transitory.’

Inflation is as transitory now as the subprime market was contained, and this inflation crisis is not only going to be worse than the financial crisis, it’s going to be worse than the pandemic. Because the government’s cure is what’s going to kill the economy, not the disease itself,” warned Peter Schiff on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.[6]

Real Inflation Is High and Here to Stay

“Cumulatively, we’re looking at around 6% inflation if everything stays the same this year,” explained precious metals advisor Damian White in the video above. “Concerns are rampant from every client coming in the door. They’re scared about inflation.

Watch the video now for more on the rush to gold and silver from Damian White and fellow advisor Todd Graf.

Oh, and it gets worse…

Prices Will Never Be the Same

…Because analysts think PRICES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Sure, lumber may pullback from $1,300 per thousand board feet, BUT only to $1,000. You’ll never see $300 lumber again.[3]


You know what that means?

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