“Paper gold and silver prices are artificially low. The prices are a gift.”
– Tim Murphy, SBC Precious Metals Advisor

It might have been a shorter week, but there was no shortage of newsworthy events. Domestic inflation is still running wild, geopolitical tensions are heating up, and the world is losing confidence in US hegemony. Then again, maybe not much has changed at all.

Watch this week’s The Gold Spot to hear Precious Metals Advisors Tim Murphy and Joe Elkjer explain why gold and silver prices are a gift right now.

The Pieces Are Falling Into Place

This week was witness to several impactful moves that are creating fertile ground for strong gold prices. Biden’s visit to Ukraine seems to have only strengthened Chinese-Russia relations with Xi’s party threatening to up their support to the war with lethal aid.

On the home front, the Fed minutes proved that inflation is still an acute problem despite fervent attempts by the Biden admin to convince Americans otherwise. These events combined with the world’s general shift away from USD into physical assets are pointing to a healthy 2023 outlook for gold.

Short vs Long Term Mentality

It’s imperative that investors not get fooled into thinking the economic situation is improving just because of short-term improvements. No matter how much the Fed distorts reality, there’s no escaping sky-high inflation, geopolitical turmoil, and a devaluing dollar.

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You’re not just worried about protecting your assets in the short term, so you shouldn’t limit your focus to the immediate present. Gold and silver have always been long-term investments that generally yield greater returns the longer people hold their investments.

Notice the Bigger Trends

When looking at the bigger picture, it’s easy to see what’s happening. As American markets weaken and confidence in the dollar diminishes, countries around the world are eagerly shaking off their ties to the US economy. The dollar has become a liability instead of a boon to foreign governments.

Central banks have been scooping up gold in record rates as a direct affront to their dependency on the dollar. All the while, the death knell is being prepared by China as Saudi Arabia considers bucking the Petrodollar, threatening the rise of the Petroyuan.

Gold & Silver Prices Are a “Gift”…For Now

Gold and silver prices retreated slightly on the back of relatively decent Fed news, presenting a perfect buying opportunity for investors. This minor dip is a temporary response to short-term events, but it’s not going to last for long.

“Prices are great for gold and silver entry.”
– Joe Elkjer, Precious Metals Advisor

It’s only a matter of time before spot prices correct in an upward trajectory to reflect the realities of the economy and the growing demand for precious metals. Savvy investors are taking advantage of this price drop to the dollar cost average for better gains in the long run.

Buy Gold and Wait, Don’t Wait to Buy Gold

Whether you have yet to expose yourself to gold and silver, or you’re looking to increase your stockpiles, right now is an ideal time to pull the trigger. Trying to time the precious metals market perfectly is a fool’s errand. You’re better off simply buying now (especially when prices pull back) and holding until prices inevitably kick back up.

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