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Countdown to Currency Change: Is the Digital Dollar Coming and What Could It Mean for You?

The US government’s exploration of a digital dollar has been prompted by the surging popularity of cryptocurrencies, the rapid digitization of foreign economies, and the impressive capabilities of relevant technology. However, the Federal... Read More »

Six Countries Invited to Join BRICS: How Could This Expansion Impact the Dollar?

The BRICS nations – currently comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – more than doubled their roster this week with the inclusion of six new members. This decisive move underscores... Read More »

BRICS Currency: What It Is & What It Means for Investors

The global monetary system has experienced several shakeups over the past few years, but the introduction of a BRICS currency could completely change the status quo. Once this commodity-backed currency enters the monetary... Read More »
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Stock Market Off to Worst April Start Since Great Depression  

If you’ve been paying attention to the markets lately, you’ve probably noticed that the stock market isn’t doing very well. Jittery investors are aware that the current economic expansion has been going since... Read More »

NEWS  ALERT: Dow Takes -1,175 Point Nosedive – Largest Single Day Drop in Market History

Stock Market Bloodbath Hurls Wall Street Into Panic It looks like the beginning of the next financial meltdown following the Dow’s largest one day point loss in market history. Investors are selling off... Read More »

MARKET ALERT: Dow Sinks 650+ Points, Biggest Single Day Drop Since Financial Crisis!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 696 points at its low today, brining a dismal end to the worst week the stock market has experienced in two years and its biggest... Read More »

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