Stock Market Bloodbath Hurls Wall Street Into Panic

It looks like the beginning of the next financial meltdown following the Dow’s largest one day point loss in market history. Investors are selling off stocks at breakneck pace after another horrific day of trading on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial closed down nearly 1,200 points today.

On Friday, the DOW shed a whopping 666 points with the NASDAQ losing 3.53 percent for the week and the S&P 500 pulling back 3.9 percent.

What Does the Selloff Mean for Your Profits?

It’s time to get your assets out of the volatile stock market and into the stable environment of precious metals.

During his State of the Union Address last week, President Trump touted strong stock market performance as evidence the U.S economy is growing strong. Today, however, the White House is singing a more somber tune, admitting the administration is “concerned” about the sudden and drastic stock market correction.

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Why Should You Choose Gold and Silver?

Gold and silver are considered safe-haven assets and the first place investors turn when the markets hit major turmoil. There’s a greater level of security that comes with owning physical wealth.

That’s why the value of gold increases when stocks fall and this could be the beginning of the stock market bubble burst that experts have been predicting over much of the past year.


Don’t let yourself fall victim to the fragile and unpredictable failures of the stock market. You can start investing in and owning physical wealth today. Precious metals are the only currency proven to stand the test of time, during war, peace and global economic uncertainty.

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