“This is one of those days you bookmark. This is [Palantir] saying, ‘You know what? Central banks are out of control. Black swan event.’”
— Guy Adami, CNBC Fast Money trader

First Wall Street, now Big Tech is hedging against the next black swan event. Big time. Data analytics firm Palantir—whose client roster includes the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, CDC, Marine Corps, Air Force, Special Operations Command, and more—just bought $50.7 million in gold bars. Not ETFs. Physical Gold.

Central banks ramped up their gold buying too, adding 333.2 tons to their vaults is the first half of this year alone.

So did retail investors: global demand for gold jewelry jumped 60% and gold bullion and gold coins 56% YOY in the second quarter. 👉 Watch the Video for more on the gold squeeze from precious metals advisors Steve Rand and Richard Otto.

What do big tech, central banks, and investors know?

The Fed’s printing more money than during the 2008 housing market crash, pushing the national debt to $30 trillion?

Inflation’s so high the government just gave the 40 million Americans on food stamps a 25% raise?

Every day is uncertain since the pandemic hit in February 2020, and “making plans” is starting to feel like yesteryear’s tradition?

If we’re not LIVING THE BLACK SWAN now…

…how much worse could things get, and…

…are you prepared?

If not, NOW is the time. Because the market’s only a few months away from $2,000/oz gold and $30/oz silver—if you trust Goldman Sachs analysts’ gold price forecast.

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