“I’m not so much interested in the return ON my money as I am in the return OF my money.”
– Will Rogers, American actor and humorous social commentator.

The economy is in uncharted waters as growth slows and inflation reaches higher. Investors are losing confidence in the market due to the incompetence of the financial leaders in Washington and global instability. Watch Precious Metals Advisors John Karow and Steve Rand explain where investors are moving their assets.

Investors have lost trust in the Fed

A common feeling among investors is the eroding sense of trust in the Federal Reserve. The people in charge of the financial health of the wealthiest nation in the entire world don’t seem to have a grasp on the problems facing the economy or viable solutions for ensuring a steady return to stability and growth.

Just yesterday, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was forced to eat her misguided words from 2021 when she incorrectly suggested that inflation only posed a “small risk” to Americans. Skyrocketing gas prices, food costs, and other essential expenses in tandem with the devaluing of the dollar tell a different story – one that the average individual experiences daily.

Focus shifts from growth to protection

The current economic conditions are bringing about new concerns for investors. It wasn’t long ago when bubbles were popping up all over the market, making it harder and harder for people to make money. Now, with pervasive inflation and a devaluing dollar, people are shifting their focus from growth to protection.

Investors are more concerned about the return of their money rather than the return on their money. Experts see this as the perfect time to start diversifying towards more stable assets to protect against the worsening economic pressures. Dollar-backed assets such as stocks and bonds have taken a serious hit while gold, silver, and other precious metals are holding strong.

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Investors want assets with greater control and privacy

The widespread economic pain and its causal events have led to a deterioration of trust in the government and the banking system. Investors simply aren’t willing to take the same risks as in the past. There’s a growing focus on assets with greater protection, privacy, and control such as precious metals.

Physical gold and silver coins, gold bars and silver bars – along with other types of valuable metals – put the power back in the hands of investors who can physically control their wealth. People don’t have to rely on the whims of an incompetent government or unscrupulous financial elite. Given the dismal economic forecast, there’s been no better time to get into these metals.

Don’t wait to buy your gold, buy your gold and wait

Gold and silver have proven to be reliable hedges against inflation during periods of economic uncertainty like we currently find ourselves. As inflation increases and the dollar dips, precious metals tend to rise in value. We’ve already seen gold make an impressive jump upwards to new highs and experts expect more growth in the future.

Instead of waiting around to buy your gold, it’s ideal to buy your gold and wait. It’s impossible to time the market correctly. If you’re interested in learning more about protecting your wealth with these sturdy assets, request your FREE COPY of our popular Precious Metals Investment Guide today.