“We’re going to have massive inflation, massive problems, massive printing of money [which is all] the more reason to own some physical gold to be protected.”
– Precious Metals Advisors Tim Murphy

For decades, the US dollar has enjoyed a prominent position as the world’s reserve currency. Foreign countries sought out the greenback to maintain economic stability at home but that’s quickly changing. Unprecedented events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the global recession, and the Ukraine invasion are threatening the status quo.

Watch the video to hear what Precious Metals Advisors Tim Murphy and John Karow are saying about the massive problems ahead and how investors can protect themselves.

BRIC Pushes for Economic Independence

Brazil, Russia, India, and China, collectively known as the BRIC countries, have been making a concerted effort to increase the independence and prominence of their economies. As highly influential and burgeoning economic players on the global stage, the decisions of these countries have an impact on the status quo.

The greenback’s global hegemony is being threatened as more and more countries move away from the US dollar and invest in their own currencies and gold. This transition comes on the back of a series of unparalleled events including the global pandemic, economic collapse, supply chain disruption, and the Ukraine invasion.

Massive Problems Ahead

The forces pushing BRIC countries towards a policy of economic independence are the same factors creating a precarious economic situation. The US is fighting tooth and nail to handle domestic problems of soaring inflation and rising costs of living without much success. This only exacerbates the economic issues happening across the world.

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At the end of 2021, global markets were already looking dire. The Russian-Ukraine conflict pushed everything off the edge. Economic disruption reaches unmatched highs during times of conflict. Supply is down, demand is up, inflation is soaring, and the global economic paradigm is shifting.

To make matters worse, Russia just shut off natural gas and oil exports to Europe which relies on the pariah state for a significant portion of its energy demands. With winter fast approaching and the Kremlin remaining steadfast in its decisions, investors need to prepare for massive problems, massive disruptions, and massive inflation.

New Problems, Old Solutions

It seems the old adage about teaching an old dog new tricks is true. Despite years of warnings from experts, the Fed failed miserably to prepare the country for the inevitable economic crash in which we’re currently embroiled. The chaotic pandemic and subsequent market fallout were simply too much for the economy to withstand.

Despite being confronted with new challenges, the central bank is resting on its undeserved laurels. Our financial leaders have doubled down on a strategy of raising interest rates, denying the possibility of a recession, and refusing to listen to reason. This resolute commitment to poor policies in the face of unequaled economic threat is beckoning a chaotic future.

Buy Gold (and Silver) and Wait. Don’t Wait to Buy Gold (and Silver)

There’s a perfect storm of economic issues brewing to create truly catastrophic conditions. In reaction, institutional investors and central banks across the globe are pouring their money into gold and silver to hedge against inflation.

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