“[T]he BRICS nations [are] trying to form…something that will rival the U.S. dollar.”
– Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder Eric Sepanek

Key absences at this year’s G20 Summit reflect an ongoing global economy shift as emerging powers directly challenge the Western-led status quo. The US dollar is the main target in this constant struggle as countries seek to topple the world reserve currency.

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Xi Jinping (& Putin) Snubs the G20 Summit

The Group of 20, commonly simplified as G20, is an international consortium of the world’s largest economies, accounting for 80% of global GDP and more than 66% of the world’s population1. Every year, the organization meets to discuss economic cooperation and international financial security.

Notably, the group’s membership spans geopolitical boundaries, bringing Western powers such as the US and Europe into the same room as Russia and China. This gesture of goodwill and cooperation was the norm for decades until Chinese President Xi Jinping decided to snub the 2023 G20 Summit held in New Delhi.

Russian President Putin might have been deterred from the meeting due to an international arrest warrant–however, the Kremlin’s increasingly close ties with Beijing place even more momentum behind the absences.

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BRICS Nations vs. The West

Up until this point, Xi Jinping has always been eager to meet with friends and foes alike to increase China’s influence on the world stage. This about-face suggests Xi no longer feels the need to operate through diplomatic channels to pursue a Chinese-dominated global economy.

He’s evidently confident in the power the People’s Republic has amassed as the ringleader of the BRICS nations, which stand in stark opposition to US hegemony. Xi’s absence at the G20 summit could signal the beginning of bolder threats against the USD.


“This is an attack on the US economy and the American dollar. Plain and simple.”
– SBC Information Consultant Wally Gordon

With a gold-backed BRICS currency possibly in the works and the inclusion of six additional nations, the BRICS nations have never been stronger. These absences at the G20 Summit mark the group’s waning influence and the increasing power of the BRICS nations.

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