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Walk-ins are always welcome, but wait times are longer than usual lately due to the strong demand for physical gold and silver. If you want to save time, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a precious metals advisor.

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Are You Buying Gold and Silver or Growing Your Wealth?

Any bullion dealer can simply sell you gold and silver, BUT that’s not how you’ll grow your wealth...

…Not how you’ll safeguard your savings from the ravages of inflation…


Most bullion dealers won’t tell you this. Because most bullion dealers care about only one thing: SELLING TO YOU.

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Discover the Gold and Silver Investing Knowledge Other Bullion Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Scottsdale Bullion & Coin is different. We know you need the personalized precious metals investing strategy that can preserve and grow your wealth. Not just another bullion coin.

That’s why our precious metals advisors take the time to personally meet with you, so you can discover the precious metals investing strategy that can offer you the greatest PRIVACY, PROTECTION, and PROFITABILITY.

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