“Leading economists are predicting…a continuing rise in inflation well into 2022…and beyond.”
— Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor

2021 has been a crazy year. You name it: supply chain blockages, stimulus checks, shutdowns, massive government spending, and rising inflation.

Leading economists predict that these inflationary trends will continue well into 2022. It’s clear that government officials and the Federal Reserve are fond of massive spending bills without equal discussion about how to pay down the deficits incurred. So, soaring inflation is likely.

Both sides of the political spectrum seem to enjoy reckless spending, so the question becomes: What do you have in your portfolio to buoy the stormy weather of the stock market?

Precious Metals Help Offset Economic Risk in Your Portfolio

With the economy as it is, gold and silver provide a hedge for the ups and downs of the Dow Jones.

Join us for this year’s last Gold Spot video with founder Eric Sepanek and senior advisor Steve Rand. You’ll hear our brief recap of 2021 and what to expect going forward.

You can expect more investing insights from us through 2022. We’re here to help anyone benefit from precious metals investing.

Thank you to our wonderful clients! Happy holidays, and happy new year.

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