“Gold prices have plateaued right now. But I think they have a significant amount to go because we haven’t even seen the next stimulus unleashed yet.”
Steve Rand, General Manager and Senior Precious Metals Advisor at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin

If you’re like most Americans, you’re ready for the pandemic to be over.

And the job’s data may have you think the worst is behind us.

But data can be tricky. It doesn’t always tell the whole story… It can’t show you the bustling city centers suddenly turned into ghost towns. The vacant office buildings. The sleeping malls and department stores. The anchor silently tightening around the economy’s neck.

The Fed says stimulus is the solution. But in the novel cure lies a veteran poison: inflation.

You’ve already witnessed its power, pushing spot gold prices to record highs past $2,067 an ounce.

But what happens after the Treasury prints the next $2 trillion. Because the worst, as it turns out, is far from over. And another $2 trillion after that?

How much more money printing could it take to send the dollar into freefall?

If and when the monetary experiment fails… Could the government resort to old remedies? To gold confiscation?

History may hold the answer. See what happened the last time the government confiscated Americans’ gold. Watch Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events now:

Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events