“Now more than ever because of all the government overreach we’ve seen in 2020, people are concerned about their bullion and if it’s safe from government confiscation.”
— Eric Sepanek, Founder of and Senior Advisor at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin

Click Here to Watch Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events

Are you concerned about the safety of your bullion? Particularly, if the government could confiscate gold again like it did during the Great Depression?

You’re not alone. As the presidential election nears, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin has seen a significant increase in calls from clients concerned about gold confiscation.

In the above video, SBC’s senior advisors Eric Sepanek and Steve Rand share why smart money investors are worried about the government taking their gold. Watch now.

If you’re like a lot of the investors we’ve talked to, you may want to know which bullion products could be exempt from confiscation should the government resort to that again.

While we can’t predict the future, we can show you what happened in the past. So you can make an informed decision about your gold investments.

Why did FDR confiscate gold? How did Congress and the Supreme Court react? Which gold products were taken from Americans?

Get answers to these vital questions and more in this video timeline of the government’s gold confiscation in 1933. Click here to watch Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events

Watch Now: Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events

Gold Confiscation: A Timeline of Events

9 minutes… that’s all it could take to arm yourself with the historical facts to make wise decisions about your financial future.