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Murphy Metal Monday

The Clock Is Ticking

Gold and silver prices have moved sideways for 2 ½ years but now are on the cusp of something remarkable. Why now? At a time of high inflation and bullish supply and demand... Read More »

Don’t Worry – Be Happy

“The subprime situation is isolated and will not spread.” – Ben Bernanke in 2007 “There will not be another financial crisis in my lifetime.” – Janet Yellen in 2017 “Current inflation is transitory.”... Read More »

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

I just lost half my money to this banking thing –Sharon Stone, Actress[1] Indeed, most of you know the three US banks that went under last week. Simply put, these banks used short-term... Read More »
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Got Stress?

Last week ended with a bang as Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California was shut down. This bank failure is significant because SVB is the nation’s 16th largest bank and it’s the second... Read More »

Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Oh, enough is enough, I won’t take anymore. I’m pickin’ myself up off the floor. You thought you could break me but let me tell you this, I got news for you baby.... Read More »

Bang Zoom …. To The Moon, Alice!

Americans are getting stronger. Twenty years ago, it took two people to carry ten dollars’ worth of groceries. Today, a five- year-old can do it. –Henny Youngman Five months ago, my articles and... Read More »

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