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Silver’s Role in Renewable Energy Set to Soar

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silver used in solar panels

Silver is once again proving itself to be one of nature’s miracle makers. The entire industry of photography was based on the near-magical transformation of light into permanent images on film thanks to silver and its unique properties. Yet, even as digital photography has entered the scene, it seems as if it is only to allow… Read more »

Silver Nanoparticles: New Technology that Could Impact Silver Demand

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Determining the long-term prices of any commodity involves assessing supply and demand factors for that item. For buyers of silver, the continually growing demand for the white metal in the face of shrinking supplies is an indicator of future price increases. The developing field of silver nanoparticles is just one area of technology that is creating demand for… Read more »

When Will Silver Peak?

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For years, analysts have been talking about the issue of “peak silver.” Recently, the Silver Institute issued its “GFMS World Silver Survey 2017.” This report indicated that silver mine production on a global basis in 2016 dropped to about 886 million ounces from 891 million ounces in 2015. 1 This marked the first time in… Read more »

American Eagle Gold Coin vs Gold Maple Leaf

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american gold eagle vs canadian gold maple

Hoping to invest in precious metals? Look no further than the American Eagle Gold coin and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Gold bullion coins are uncorrelated sources of investment diversification, are legal tender in the respective countries, and make unique gifts to commemorate big life moments. History of North America’s Most Popular Gold Coins From 1967 until the late 1970s,… Read more »

Can You Hack-Proof Your Savings?

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Will the Next Big Hack Wipe Out Your Money? Jump to a section within this guide: The Equifax Hack Victimized 143 Million People. Are you One of Them? How Should You Respond to the Equifax Breach? The Safest Place for Your Savings Request FREE Wealth Preservation Report What would you do if hackers drained you… Read more »

What Is Diversification?

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The financial markets have never been as complex and troubled as they are today, creating a major challenge to prudent investing. At the same time, investors have never had such effective tools to guide them through the process, chief among them diversification. Diversification Definition: the practice of including different financial investment instruments in a portfolio… Read more »