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Is History Repeating?

Rising inflation has clearly grabbed hold and it appears we are heading right into another scenario similar to the 1970’s.  (High inflation, high interest rates and stagnant economy).  As part of a continued... Read More »

The Big Picture

As the first cartoon suggests, stagflation is a beast and is only going to get bigger and scarier as it is fed more banana dollars. However, the US government and Federal Reserve must be clearly... Read More »

The Inflation Curse

The world’s central banks have printed $834 million each and every hour of each and every day… for the past 18 months… to keep the global economy up and going. -The Daily Reckoning... Read More »
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Lovely Market Situation

People should quit paying attention to the price of their stocks and start paying attention to the underlying value of their money. –Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates The best way to destroy the... Read More »

Fake Money

Markets are markets and will always fluctuate, sometimes defying logic and reason.  Gold, as well as any other market, has typified this trading phenomenon at times over its 20-year bull market.  For example, today’s... Read More »

Dollar’s Days Are Numbered

Each day gold and silver continue to meander around current levels, is one more day closer to the resumption of gold and silver’s long term bull market. Why? Because relative to the rising... Read More »

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