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Party Clashes & Political Uncertainty: What a Divided Congress Could Mean for the Nation

Democrats wrested control of the House away from Republicans in November’s midterm elections, and the predictions of how a divided Congress could impact the already fragile financial markets and economy aren’t pretty.[1] At... Read More »

Why the Next Financial Crisis Could Be Worse than 2008

The extraordinary policy actions to prevent a second Great Depression have had important side effects. –International Monetary Fund[1] It’s been ten years since Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank, collapsed, triggering the... Read More »

Why Stock Market Volatility Is Here to Stay

What do the stock market crashes of 1920, 1987, and 2008 all have in common? October. It’s a time of the year that has historically brought spooks and frights not only to Main... Read More »
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Smart Money Buying Up Physical Precious Metals, Sales Skyrocket 126%

Gold jewelry is flying off the shelves, causing high-end retailers to expand their offerings and Tiffany & Co. to even raise its full-year forecast.[1][2] Sales of 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins soared... Read More »

Are We Running Out of Gold?

Gold demand has been growing in recent years, fueled by technological applications, jewelry, and safe haven investing. With many experts claiming gold production peaked in the mid-1990s, gold supply could be limited in... Read More »

Gold: The Ultimate Safe Haven Investment

In times of financial trouble, in times of uncertainty and when investors are feeling risk averse, gold will always be a go-to. –Rhona O’Connell, Head of Metals Research and Forecasting, Thomson Reuters[1]   Financial... Read More »

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