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Gold And Things To Come

According to the best minds on Wall Street, the economy will take one of two directions. Number One: The combination of the massive debt bubble popping along with the economic shutdown caused by... Read More »

COVID-19, Worthless Cash, and Wealth Preservation During the Crisis

Trying times are upon us. Even if you’re not sick, you may be feeling the effects of the health crisis. Maybe you’re one of the many Americans forced to shutter a business. One... Read More »


“Reality is something you pick up like a signal. Most people just don’t have their radio on.” — Anonymous Survival is the name of the game. Survival of health and survival of wealth.... Read More »
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Global Pandemic and the Gold Buying Opportunity of the Century

The CRISIS is here. The one experts predicted would crash the stock market and cripple the economy. But it’s WORSE than anyone could’ve imagined. It’s a deadly pandemic. It’s spreading rapidly, claiming lives... Read More »

Platinum Price Forecast 2020

A 17% spike in the price of silver. An increase of more than 20% in gold prices. And the price of platinum? It outperformed gold and silver, notching over a 24% jump in... Read More »

The Bond Yield Curve Is “FLASHING CODE RED” For a Recession

The father of the yield curve indicator encourages investors, business executives, and consumers to prepare now! This is the time where you need to reflect upon your strategy. It’s actually easy to manage... Read More »

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