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Inflation To The Moon

Gold and silver prices have multiple tailwinds, some of which include: Shortage of supply at the retail AND wholesale levels Strong demand from central banks AND wealthy “family offices” worldwide Rising debt and... Read More »

Uncommon Sense

Price is what you pay – value is what you get. –Warren Buffet Money is an emotional topic. And the more money at stake, the stronger the emotions become. Thanks to Quantitative Easing... Read More »

15 Reasons To Own Gold (And Silver) Now

You don’t play the puck where it is. You play where it is going to be. –Wayne Gretzky, greatest hockey player of all time Hyperinflation is a currency event. Not a demand driven... Read More »
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Negative Real Interest Rates

Inflation is clearly on the rise. Just look at food and gas prices. Look at medical expenses and the cost of building a house. Look at the booming commodity prices of copper, aluminum, lumber, soybeans... Read More »

Catch Up Time

As the Biden administration adds another $1.9 trillion of “stimulus” debt to an already historically toxic debt pile, the U.S. will be sitting upon over $30 trillion in government debt before Q1 of... Read More »

Is Inflation Coming? See What the Experts Think

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdowns sent shock waves throughout the world. With a third round of stimulus (and more money printing) on the horizon, the future of the American economy seems... Read More »

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