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Why Buy Gold During a Trade War?

‘Investors are running for cover under haven umbrellas, as global equity indexes are crumbling under the weight of an escalating trade war.’ Stephen Innes, senior trader at Oanda [1] A global trade war... Read More »

When Will the Economy Crash?

‘There’s less reason to behave like it’s ‘morning in America’ than ‘happy hour in America.’ -Morgan Stanley[1] The current economic recovery turns 9-years-old this month. Another year of growth, and we’ll have reached... Read More »

Is Inflation Coming?

Record low unemployment, rising wages, and increasing prices for consumer goods all suggest the economy is heating up—and inflation isn’t far off. By most indications, inflation is certainly trending upward, reaching the Federal... Read More »
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Bitcoin vs. Gold: Which Is the Best Defensive Asset in 2018?

When investors doubt the security of major financial systems or want to simply diversify their portfolios, they turn to alternative investments like gold. However, last winter Bitcoin stole the spotlight, reaching a record... Read More »

Are You Ready for the PetroGold Rush?

Gold Expected to Soar as China Makes Big Move to Dominate the Oil Market With China and the U.S. locked in a battle for world economic supremacy, the stage is being set for... Read More »

Why Market Volatility Should Be a Warning to Investors

Since the beginning of the year, stock market volatility has been, in a word, extraordinary. Take the S&P 500 as an example: the index added $1.8 trillion in total market cap in the first... Read More »

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