Gold Prices Remain Volatile

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Gold Coins

Gold prices have yet to recover after dipping below $1,300 an ounce over a week ago. Thursday did see some early gains, but they were erased by an afternoon drop, finishing the day at $1,238.50 an ounce. The Wall Street Journal reported that the early rise in gold prices was mainly due to a jobs… Read more »

Weekly Gold Price Recap: September 1, 2014 – September 5, 2014

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Gold Price Recap

Open: $1,287.10 Close: $1,268.00 | High: $1,287.10 Low: $1,258.30 The week opened with a slow trading cycle as U.S. investors took a break from their workstations to enjoy the Labor Day holiday. Gold prices dropped slightly due to weak trading in Mumbai and some lower-than-expected economic reports in the European Union. Tuesday saw the price… Read more »

Silver Deserves Your Full Attention

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Silver Bullion Coins Bars

Is it better to own $10,000 worth of gold than to own $10,000 worth of silver? The answer depends on whether you think that gold prices will appreciate at a faster rate than silver prices over the period of time you intend to hold either of the precious metals. While an ounce of gold has… Read more »

Precious Metals: Simon Says Take One Small Step Forward

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Gold and Silver Bullion

If you are trying to decide if now is the time to invest in precious metals, it is understandable if you are getting confused by the mixed signals that you are receiving. Knowing when to buy can help you maximize the return on your investment. Just like the game of “Simon Says” that you played… Read more »

Russia Deals Major Blow to the Petrodollar

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crumpled dollar

It is no secret that Russia and China would like to see a world without the U.S. dollar holding the position of reserve currency. In this capacity, the dollar acts as the “petrodollar,” meaning that it is the only currency in which oil can be purchased. Most experts could not foresee a time in the… Read more »

WGC Releases Gold Demand Trends Report for Second Quarter of 2014

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World Gold Council

The London-based World Gold Council (WGC) provides the latest data and analysis in the global gold market. They have offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and many other major financial centers around the world. As a highly-respected organization, the WGC consults with governments about gold markets and offers insight and advice to mining… Read more »