China Adjusts Laws to Increase Gold Supply

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American tourists who visit another country know that they can use their dollars to buy just about anything instead of using the local currency. The dollar (as well as the Euro) is so popular and so valuable across the globe. China seeks to one day make the yuan as valuable as the dollar, but to do so… Read more »

Is Silver a Dark Horse?

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There’s been no shortage of good news for precious metals investors of late. The steadily increasing value of precious metals indicate that the past five years of bear markets might be over and behind us. The attention has been focused mainly on gold, the precious metal with perhaps the most shine, but this leaves one particular precious… Read more »

How Green Energy Drives Silver Demand

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Determining the supply and demand for any commodity is an important first step for any trader or investor, especially those who buy silver and gold. Among the major factors affecting long-term value are of course, 1) the degree to which demand is increasing and the 2) ability of supply to meet that demand. Advances in… Read more »

Puerto Rico: A Case Study for Irresponsible Governmental Spending

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One of the great tragedies increasingly experienced by governments around the world occurs when political wishes impact economic realities. Without taking political sides, it is a fact that most people wish they had a high-paying job, great benefits, and low taxes. On the other hand, simply mandating that governments make this happen is the source… Read more »

Silver Gains Momentum in 2016

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Momentum is a funny thing: you can find plenty of people who say it’s a factor in everything from sports 1 to presidential elections. 2 While momentum is accepted as a scientific law, it can also be viewed as a social trend. In no part of society can momentum be better analyzed than in markets,… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: May 2 – May 6, 2016

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silver price recap

Silver’s rally of last week did not continue this week, as the gray metal was mostly range-bound. Monday’s silver prices opened 1.8% lower at $17.50 per ounce, while gold hit a 15-month high. The precious metals appear to dance around each other lately, as this week was gold’s week to shine. Silver pulled back this… Read more »