Gold Rises on Ukraine and Weak Dollar

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Gold is up 1% on Tuesday after the market struggled Monday and tensions remained high in Ukraine. The European Bank also hinted that they may decrease their own economic stimulus as the Federal Reserve continues its reduction of the billion dollar bond-buying program. Gold investors received even more positive news today as Iraq’s central bank… Read more »

Russian Oil Deal with Iran

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Russian and Iranian Flag Combined

The recent fears regarding the world moving on without the petrodollar received even more justification this past week as Russia announced a multi-billion dollar oil-for-goods deal with Iran. By developing the deal without the exchange of petrodollars, Russia has effectively taken another shot across the bow of the West. According to Reuters, “Iran and Russia… Read more »

Fed Policy and its Effects on the Economy

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No one will argue that our economy was in danger of a massive meltdown when Ben Bernanke and the members of the Fed embarked on a policy that would eventually inject trillions of dollars into the nation’s monetary system. With local and regional banks going belly-up by the hundreds, the Fed saw fit to funnel… Read more »

Russia and China About to Announce Landmark Gas Deal

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Russia China Agreement

Huge Blow Coming To The Petrodollar Both Russia and China have been increasingly vocal about having the U.S. dollar replaced as the world’s reserve currency, or at least having additional currencies added to the list. China has been furiously buying up gold with goal of strengthening the yuan while at the same time devaluing the… Read more »

First Ukraine Now Our Dollar

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Dollar on fire

Russia and China unite to fight against the dollar as the main reserve currency. It seems that even vanishing planes and Justin Bieber cannot keep Russia out of the headlines. Fresh off of their controversial hosting of the Olympics and a military intervention in neighboring Ukraine, Russia is now making news by joining China in… Read more »