Global Tensions Lead to Jump in Gold Prices

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US Gold Bars

Wednesday saw gold prices move back over $1,300 an ounce as news broke of a Russian troop build-up on the Ukraine border. There was also some negative economic news coming out of the euro zone, with Italy officially falling back into recession, according to The Wall Street Journal. Gold rallied because it is an asset… Read more »

Opinions Vary on Gold Prices Next Week

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Gold Prices Survey

The results are in from Kitco News’ weekly gold forecast survey, and the experts are divided. Of the 37 participants, 24 responded this week, with half of them taking the bearish view. Eight of the other twelve analysts see prices going up, and the final 4 took a neutral stance on the yellow metal. Participants… Read more »

Banks Sued for Rigging Silver Prices

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Silver Bullion Coins Bars

The Guardian is reporting that a lawsuit was filed this past week by an investor claiming that banks have “unlawfully manipulated” the price of silver and its derivatives in order to “reap large illegitimate profits.” The investor, J. Scott Nicholson, filed the class action suit against HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of Nova Scotia…. Read more »

The Gold Price Roller Coaster

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Gold Bars Roller Coaster

The last couple of weeks showed just what effect global events can have on the price of gold. The Federal Reserve announced some positive economic data and the price dropped. A Malaysian Airlines jet was shot down and the price of gold jumped. Early this week gold prices plummeted as the stock market rallied, only… Read more »