Medical Applications Drive Demand for Gold

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gold pill

One reason gold is so valuable is its scarcity. New uses of this metal create greater demand, which in turn diminishes supply and places upward pressure on its price. Recent research from the World Gold Council is shedding light on the growing uses of gold in medicine. Contrary to most uses of this precious metal,… Read more »

When Will Gold Peak?

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Gold has always been one of the worlds most precious metals. From ancient pharaohs to modern miners, man’s insatiable hunger for this gleaming yellow metal is timeless and universal. It should come as no surprise then just how little gold exists above ground today. In fact, many gold buyers and investors are wondering when gold… Read more »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: February 6 – February 10, 2017

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gold price recap

Gold trading drew a lot of interest last week. The gold price chart indicated a Monday opening of $1,226.95 that rose to $1,235.35 by early afternoon. Selling shaved a dollar off the price of gold before it closed on a peak; however after-hours action sent the price down to $1,229. That didn’t deter buyers: the… Read more »

Top Performing Asset Class: Rare Coins

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The concept of asset diversification is so important it won Harry Markowitz the Nobel Peace Prize for Economics in 1990 for his work on the topic. The core message about diversification is that any portfolio should have a variety of different assets that react with different correlations to certain market and economic cycles. The theory is that… Read more »