About Adam Patten

Adam Patten left his precious metals brokerage in the Lone Star State to join Scottsdale Bullion & Coin in 2018, bringing with him 12 years of experience in the precious metals business and good old-fashioned Texan values.

Born in Bridge City, Texas, Adam enjoyed the freedom and privacy that came with growing up on the seemingly limitless terrain, surrounded by nature. He appreciated the kind-heartedness, generosity, and all-around hospitality of his neighbors—of the “Texas Way.”

In 2007, Adam found a field where his Texan values of privacy and hospitality would be put to good use: precious metals trading. He made it his mission to show the average investor a safer, more private alternative to risky paper-based assets, crucial in today’s increasingly invasive world.

Finally, love brought Adam to Arizona in 2018. He moved his family of four kids out to the Grand Canyon State after meeting his bride to be online. Shortly thereafter, he found a second family at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin, where he again found his commitment to providing kind, trustworthy precious metals investing advice to investors would be honored.

Stop into Scottsdale Bullion & Coin to meet Adam and hear about his fascination with the Type II $20 Liberty gold coin. He’d be happy to talk numismatics anytime!

Contact Information

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(602) 365-0166

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